Boat antifoul

DIY boat antifouling

With an ultrasonic antifouling kit, you can easily and efficiently take care of your boat in terms of antifouling protection. It is an advanced solution that demands some attention, especially with installation, but will perform admirably for years to come. It is well worth the investment and the work in the beginning, even if you go down the DIY path. It’s not the simplest task in the world, but you can indeed do the ultrasonic boat antifoul on your own if you’re handy with the tools and patient enough to familiarize yourself with the new equipment.

Antifouling system usually comes in a kit that already includes all the necessary equipment. Sometimes you’ll also get a set of tools needed, but it’s best if you prepare those in advance to avoid any surprises later. Every ultrasonic antifouling kit will also include an instruction manual for you to learn the process of installation.

Ultrasonic boat antifoul works with ultrasonic pulses through the hull of the vessel. Those are provided with multiple transducers – smaller boats use two transducers while larger boats will need three or four. Be careful when selecting your ultrasonic antifouling kit, check the number of included transducers (and the relevant limits) before buying. The transducers have to be placed properly on the inside of the hull, consult the manual for exact locations. Here it’s also important to adapt the instructions to your boat’s specifics if it doesn’t fit the standard dimensions or shapes. Boat antifoul will only work if the transducers are placed correctly, so this step is absolutely critical. Next step is important as well – you’ll have to properly connect the transducers with other parts of the kit. Mount the control panel and connect it with the transducers, then connect the control panel with a power source.