Unique experiences on the Soca River

Unique experiences on the Soca River

Modern tourists are getting sick of the crowds and underwhelming offer of some of the most visited destinations. Many are seeking something new, unique. With the calls “back to nature”, the tourism is shifting – there is much more interest directed at unique adventures and experiences, not at the sights. 

The Soca River is ideal for those tourists that are looking for a way out of the mainstream tourism. There are many options to experience the first step in that direction, especially with all the outdoor activities on offer in this part of Slovenia. The town of Bovec is the place that will introduce the wide range of possibilities to the curious adventures.

Soca River rafting

There are many options for rafting, Bovec, Soca offering the best one. The surroundings are great and the offer is well developed, that’s why there is just one place suitable for the lovers of rafting – Bovec. Soca offers an intriguing variety of rapids, calm turns, even high drops, so there’s something for everyone. The offer is well developed for rafting, Bovec & Soca combine convenience with opportunity. It’s not hard to find guided tours, transportation, and equipment rentals. 

Canyoning Bovec

While the Soca River itself is not the best choice for canyoning, Bovec still has a wide range of experiences on offer. It is situated among the springs and streams of the river’s tributaries, so everyone can have a pick. The experiences are really unforgettable, from a relaxing exploration of the undisturbed nature to a challenging natural obstacle course with very interesting tasks to solve. It includes climbing, jumping, swimming and diving, even tobogganing down the natural slides. There’s so much content in canyoning! Bovec can offer the ideal experience for everyone, as the tours are very varied.