Soca canyoning

Do you want to experience Soca canyoning?

Only a few times in your life will you get the opportunity to do something really great, exciting and adrenaline filled while also full of amazing beauty and Soca canyoning is one of them. Set out on the wonderful ride of your lifetime in clear blue water among beautiful gorges and canyons and just for a few moments experience nothing but the beautiful nature around you and the amazing experience it can offer you.

Set of on this trip with an experienced guide that will show you all of the safety precautions and you are all set to hit the waves. First you will encounter some shallow and calm river sections and then continue down the stream to some more adrenalin filled parts. As you go for Soca canyoning you can really get a different perspective on life as it will fill you with joy and satisfaction that is followed by amazing views and a story that you will be telling for decades.

There is rafting and there is rafting Soča

Only a few rivers in the world can give you the thrill that is offered when you decide for rafting Soča. Not only is the water crystal clear, the calm sections are full of amazing natural beauty and the surrounding sky-high stone walls offer stunning views of just a sliver of the sky between century old rock. Not only can rafting Soča give you a sense of calm, it can also fill you up with adrenalin as you hit the high waves and traverse trough sections that will keep your pulse high. As you set out on the journey of your lifetime you will learn the basics of safety as well as the basics on how to enjoy rafting Soča in a way that will leave an impression to be desired.

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