Soca rafting

Exploring the river without a boat

Having a boat is a big advantage for those trying to explore a river. But if you’re doing it just for fun and thrill, there are other options offering you greater satisfaction. Let’s look into the offer of one of the most attractive destinations for European thrill-seekers – the Soca Valley in Slovenia.

The Soca River is ideal for many exciting activities. Soca rafting is probably the most popular, but many people use kayaks as well. It’s hard to imagine better conditions for such activities – Soca rafting and kayaking can be done on various sections of the river, offering calm and picturesque sections for sight-seeing and relaxing, as well as fast rapids and white-waters for pumping your adrenaline levels to the sky. But still, Soca rafting limits you to a boat – there are other options if you want to have a pristine contact with the nature.

Soca canyoning is one of the more attractive alternatives to boats. In this case, you’re completely free of any vessel and have to make your way down the river on your own. Being left to your own devices, you will Soca canyoning if you’re more into adventure and exploration than raw adrenaline. Of course, Soca canyoning is exciting and thrilling as well – narrow canyons, deep pools, and high waterfalls with natural toboggans, jumps, climbing, and other challenges make for a very compelling adrenaline activity even for the most demanding adventurists.

Beside Soca canyoning, there are some other alternatives to exploration on a boat. If you want to keep the excitement of floating down the stream, but would prefer to lose the boat, you can opt for hydrospeed. There are also some other options, even just swimming, but don’t forget the temperature of the river is quite low even in the summer.