Bovec white water rafting

Extreme sports in Bovec

Bovec is a relatively small town in Slovenia. It’s not very well known internationally, but will definitely be familiar to those that are seeking thrilling activities in the summertime. In the summer months, Bovec becomes the ideal destination for adventurists seeking some entertainment. It even offers some extreme sports that will definitely get your adrenaline flowing!

White water rafting

Bovec white water rafting is one of the most popular activities among the adventurists visiting the town. The nearby Soca River offers the best possible conditions for adrenaline rafting, there are attractive rapids in immediate vicinity of Bovec. White water rafting is done on different stretches of the river, so the experiences are somewhat adjustable, but unforgettable in every case. As with all extreme sports in Bovec, white water rafting is also offered by professional and experienced agencies that will take good care of their clients. Safety is the first priority, which does not take anything away from the experience. It’s actually even better to enjoy the thrill without worrying about potential dangers.


Extreme sports may include canyoning. Soca offers some great canyons, but most attractive courses lead through the canyons of the tributaries of the river. That’s why for canyoning, Soca is generally not used. Narrow canyons with natural obstacles and smaller streams of water are much better suited and provide ample opportunities for entertainment. Canyoning is not only exploration, but also demands some skill and courage, it includes various natural obstacles, which require climbing, jumping, sliding, swimming, and other skills. That’s why it’s necessary to choose a professional agency for canyoning. Soca can be a dangerous river, and the canyons of the tributaries are unpredictable as well. A professionally guided tour is safe, fun, and thrilling, and available in different difficulties and durations.