Canyoning Soca River

Fun on the Slovenian rivers

There is no better place to experience fun activities on water than on Slovenian rivers. Idyllic natural surroundings, coupled with well developed tourism offer, is the best combination to ensure a great experience for every visitor. The best time is guaranteed for those seeking fun on the river – the Soca River is perfect destination for them!

Beside kayaking, rafting, and canyoning, Soca River offers some extra activities on the water. There are some quite exotic experiences to try, not limited to the most popular choices. Of course, even with canyoning, Soca River can create a brand-new experience for many thrill seekers. Not only for those that are new to this kind of activities, but for experienced adventurers as well. And again, it’s not just canyoning, Soca River offers all kinds of fun to all the visitors in this part of Slovenia.

Of course, the best choice can be to just go for the most popular option, which is for Soca rafting. Slovenia offers several great rivers for rafting, but Soca is the most popular, and with Soca rafting, Slovenia is also a popular destination for many foreign tourists. It’s comfortably the most popular activity on the river, which means the offer is well developed as well. There are many tourist agencies that provide guided tours and equipment rental, there is even an option to just rent a small raft and make an adventure for yourself. With Soca rafting, Slovenia really offers a great package even for the most demanding of visitors. There is a lot of fun to be had on the river, but it’s still worth mentioning that the beginners will do best by selecting a beginner friendly guided tour. Self-guided tours can come to a tragic end, which is definitely not the goal of your visit.