Rafting Bovec 2

The ideal destination for rafting and kayaking

Both rafting and kayaking are popular activities that share some of the features and attractions. Both require a suitable environment, for example, especially a lively river that is suitable for those kinds of vessels. There are many other factors that contribute to the best possible experience in a raft or kayak, which is why you have to carefully choose your destination, if you want to maximally enjoy such activities. Fortunately, there are ideal options available – one of the more prominent ones is Bovec in the Soca valley in Slovenia.

For kayaking and rafting, Bovec is very well suited. It is located on the riverbanks of the Soca river, offering a quick and simple access to interesting parts of the river. Especially for rafting Bovec already has everything you will need. Not only the perfect ambient and a suitable entry point, but also a wide offer of guided rafting tours and other services on offer at the local tourist agencies. It’s worth checking out all the options for rafting, Bovec has a well-developed offer that will convince even the most demanding visitors.

You can expect similar advantages if you prefer kayak. Bovec is an ideal starting point for kayakers, even if they plan entry at other points, not in the immediate vicinity of the town. For kayak, Bovec offers all-inclusive programs, suitable both for beginners and experienced adventurers. The best experience is available especially to those that can independently plan and execute a kayaking expedition. You can expect good offers for equipment rental and transport, which are both very convenient options if you want to travel down the river in a kayak Bovec is also full of beginner-friendly options for kayaking, including kayaking school and various guided trips that are very flexible.